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THESSALONIKI, Greece (AP) — An earthquake beneath the sea shook northern Greece and western Turkey Saturday, with more than two dozen injuries reported on a Turkish island.

In Istanbul and in other parts of Turkey residents fled homes in panic after the quake struck at midday.



An earthquake measuring M6.6 on the Richter scale hit Nicaragua on April 11, 2014 affecting a total of 2 403 homes of which 178 collapsed, were totally destroyed or rendered uninhabitable. The remaining 2 225 homes suffered partial damage. 

A series of volcanic ash plumes originating from Indonesian Batu Tara volcano are being detected on satellite imagery. It seems that the volcano has entered a stronger phase of eruptions during the past few days. 

Geologists say they've discovered rocks long thought vanished, the youngest remains of the oldest and biggest impact crater on Earth. In the abraded heart of South Africa's Vredefort impact craterlurk striking green-black rocks, some of the only remnants of a magma sea that once filled the gaping crater, according to a study to be published this May in the journal Geology. Until now, geologists thought nearly all of these "impact melt" rocks were lost to time. Some 6 miles (10 kilometers) of Vredefort crater has worn away since it was whacked open 2.02 billion years ago. "It's like discovering a new rock type in the Grand Canyon," said study co-author Desmond Moser, a geochronologist at Western University in Ontario, Canada.

NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) and Spitzer Space Telescope have discovered what appears to be the coldest "brown dwarf" known -- a dim, star-like body that surprisingly is as frosty as Earth's North Pole.

WOSCO SWB Scientific Coordination Committee Congratulates the Academician Prof. Dr. Franz Halberg with 90-years jubilee!

Prof.Dr. Franz Halberg
(Minnesota, USA)

Scientific Coordination Committee


the Academician,
Franz Halberg

With the WOSCO Diploma
of the first degree
For outstanding service in the development
of Science and Education

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